At DI Wellness we offer a 16 week diabetes prevention program. We are using the CDC approved Prevent T2 curriculum as our tool to facilitate the classes. This program is a group based structured lifestyle intervention program. This program helps participants make lifestyle changes to reduce their risk for type 2 diabetes. It is facilitated by a lifestyle coach who works with participants to reduce their risk by:


Losing weight through healthy eating


Being more physically active


Learning to recognize and overcome barriers to healthy eating and physical activity.

Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Intervention is in two parts:

Core Curriculum
The core curriculum focused on how to adopt a lifestyle that includes healthy eating and physical activity. The 16 sessions help participants develop lifelong skills for healthy living through step-by-step changes. Participants stay in the same group throughout the core intervention and usually meet weekly at the same location and time.
Post-Core Sessions

Following the 16 core sessions, Lifestyle Coaches offer monthly post core sessions. The content is more flexible than the content of the core sessions; it can be tailored to topics of relevance to the participants. The post-core sessions provide participants with additional support and learning opportunities and they help participants transition from having frequent support from a Lifestyle Coach and group to maintaining their lifestyle changes independently.